Documents Required
                According to statutory requirements and government regulations, the following documents are to be sent to us by ‘the Employer’ in order for us to successfully carry out the recruitment drive:
  1. Power of attorney from the ‘Employer’ in the name of INTERNATIONAL CITY LINKS, that is, authorizing us to advertise, recruit and deploy the required personnel on their behalf.

  2. Demand Letter for the number of personnel required, salary, duration of contract, etc.

  3. Contract agreement between employer and employee (who is to be recruited by International City Links).

  4. A copy of the Company’s Commercial Registration (C.R. Copy) and original slips.

  5. Visa slip. (For Saudi Arabia only)
Format of the documents can be download from here
Note: The above documents must be duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce (in the employer’s respective country) and thereafter by the Indian Embassy in that particular country.

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