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On receipt of the requirement from the Client, the database is accessed in order to find suitable candidates.
Apart from our existing large, up-to-date database, we use the Internet and Information Technology to help us constantly build our database on a daily basis. Candidates can directly visit our website, view our vacancies and apply to us. After this is done, our panel of expert recruiters view the resumes on a daily basis, shortlist the qualified candidates, and thus add them to our database.
If suitable candidates are not available in the database, we advertise the vacancies in reputed newspapers in consultation with the Client.
The resumes are then short listed by our team of expert engineers and recruiters, after which the short listed resumes (along with supporting qualification and experience certificates) are forwarded to the client for further scrutiny
The Client then sends us a list of the candidates finally short listed by them. After this is done the short listed candidates are sent for trade tests (wherever required). If the client desires to interview them personally, interviews are arranged in Mumbai or any other place in consultation with the client.
A final list of selected candidates is then prepared. The selected candidates are informed accordingly and their medical check-ups are arranged.
The Client is then requested to send the visas of selected candidates to complete the immigration and travel formalities.
After completing all formalities and getting the final clearance from the Client, candidates are made to go through our orientation session (Please refer to the link “Our Services” for details regarding our Orientation Session). The candidates then leave to take up their assignments abroad.
The entire process takes about 4-6 weeks. The time taken for this procedure can be reduced to a large extent depending upon the urgency of the requirement.

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