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Overseas Recruitment Fees
The recruitment fees of the Company will be a standard rate equivalent to one month Basic Salary* per selected candidate. (*condition apply)
Payment Terms
The invoice of the placement fees will be settled after the arrival of the candidates in the country to join for the job.
If the candidates leaves the services of the Company within three months of his/her joining, on his own accord, the Agency will be responsible for replacing the candidate free of cost. Such candidate should be identified by the Placement Agency within 15 days. If the Agency is unable to identify a replacement within the stipulated period, 50% of the fees already paid will be refunded back to the company or adjusted against any future recruitment.
Manpower Recruitment Agreement.
A manpower recruitment agreement between Employing Company and ICL is signed by their representatives before ICL has to commence the recruitment process for its overseas partner
            Download the draft copy of agreements from Downloads Section

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